Sports Nutrition

The relationship between nutrition and athletic performance has been known since ancient times, and intense competition in sports has led to the introduction of the principles of athletic nutrition as indispensable for athletic success. There is no doubt that what an athlete is eating and drinking, but also choosing the right time to recruit, can affect body health, weight and body composition, availability of energy substrates, recovery after exercise and her/his ultimately performance.

In the last 20 years, the number of ergogenic aids, food supplements, plant and herbal products have increased in the market and promise athletes greater endurance, increased strength, and more. However, in fact, only some of these supplements may prove useful in certain athletic classes and at specific times. It is common for athletes, with the frequent coaching of their coaches, to apply wrong eating practices that not only do not improve athletic performance but are often dangerous to the athlete's health.

In our dietetic office, with a series of sessions, an individual diet plan is designed according to the athlete's training and racing program, as well as her/his nutritional needs, in order to help him achieve her/his goals.